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Yo Gotti claims Juicy J is hiding from him on Twitter

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Yo Gotti claims Juicy J is hiding from him on Twitter

Yo Gotti 4Tension is high in Memphis between several of the high-profile rappers. Until the past couple of years, Yo Gotti was probably the biggest rapper on the Memphis hip hop scene. However, Juicy J may have dethroned Yo Gotti as the hip hop king of Memphis with his recent run.

For various reasons, it seems as if a lot of Memphis artists have some form of issue with Juicy J or another. Project Pat talked to Hip Hop Vibe about Juicy J, but he had nothing but positive things to say about his frequent collaborator. Most Memphis artists all have respect for Project Pat and his work.

Yo Gotti recently addressed Juicy J on Twitter, shedding light to some form of friction few knew about before. Some Memphis artists have spoken ill of Juicy J and how he reacts toward the other artists in the city. Last night, Juicy J took to Twitter and he revealed a tense situation leading Juicy J to possibly hide from him.

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