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‘You Broke My Heart!’ Mistress Shoots And Kills Pastor, Also Wounds His Wife In The Shoulder [VIDEO]

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‘You Broke My Heart!’ Mistress Shoots And Kills Pastor, Also Wounds His Wife In The Shoulder [VIDEO]

A horrific incident took place in Collierville Tennessee, which took the life of a pastor and left his wife wounded.

Latoshia Daniels is being held without bond, after shooting and killing Pastor Brodes Perry. She also shot and wounded Brodes’ wife in the shoulder. Daniels unexpectedly showed up to the home of Pastor Brodes Perry, at the Meridian Place Apartments. The wife, having previously known Daniels from her time living in Little Rock, let her inside their home. Unbeknownst to his wife, Latoshia Daniels came to their home as a woman scorned looking for revenge. Brodes Perry, an executive pastor at Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church, allegedly had an affair with Daniels. A disgruntled lover, Daniels pulled out a handgun and screamed, “You broke my heart,” before shooting Perry. His wife was kneeling by him when Daniels told her to get out of the way, shooting her in shoulder.

Police responded to multiple calls of residents stating they had heard multiple gunshots and screams. When they arrived on the scene, Daniels was still armed and refused to put down the gun. Authorities state that Daniels also assaulted and officer and attempted escape custody. At the hospital, Daniels jerked away and shoved the officer before taking off running. Police had to force her to the ground before placing cuffs on her.

Perry’s wife told police she didn’t know of any affair taking place between the two but Daniels actions made that seem to be a possibility.

Daniels was charged with first-degree murder, attempt first-degree murder, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, assault on a police officer and resisting arrest.

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