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Young Guru talks Jay-Z album and “Watch the Throne” sequel with Complex

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Young Guru talks Jay-Z album and “Watch the Throne” sequel with Complex

By The Hip Hop Writer
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On the bulk of Jay-Z’s albums, he mentions Guru at one point or another. Young Guru has been by Jay-Z’s side, as he put together every album since the turn of the century. As a result, Young Guru has become one of the most-trusted men in Jay-Z’s circle. After the announcement of Watch the Throne, Jay-Z and Kanye West avoided the media. With the stars unavailable, Young Guru became the unofficial spokesman for the duo.

Watch the Throne enjoyed commercial and critical success in 2011 and Jay-Z hinted at a sequel being released in 2012. One reason the album was enjoyed was because it has become rare to receive a new Jay-Z album. For a long time, it was expected to hear a new album from Jay-Z each year. However, Jay-Z predicted, on his own album, there would be a time when this would change and people would miss this.

This time has come exactly as Jay-Z said it would. Just because Jay-Z is being missed does not mean he has entirely closed the door to releasing new albums. Three years have pased since The Blueprint 3 was released and fans have been waiting for a new Jay-Z album. Jay-Z gave fans a teaser with Watch the Throne, but they obviously were waiting on much more to come. While he has not said this, directly, Jay-Z has a new solo album in the works for 2012. But, Jay-Z is currently out of the public eye and Young Guru is left to deal with the media, talking with Complex.

Young Guru said Jay-Z is always in the studio working on new music. The next album will be a concept album, but Young Guru said he can not reveal what the concept is. However, Young Guru did say he is blown away by how smart Jay-Z is, after learning what the concept for this new album is. Speaking on the album title, Young Guru stated he loves it because it is short and to the point, while still having a major meaning behind it. But, with the project being by Jay-Z, Young Guru was sworn to secrecy when it comes to discussing the title of the album.

If there is another Watch the Throne album, the title is a giveaway. What once seemed like a given, the possibility of another Watch the Throne album, has now become just that, a possibility. Young Guru said the album could happen and there has been discussion about putting another album together. Speaking on how he would like things to play out, Young Guru said he would like Kanye West to do the G.O.O.D. Music compilation album, while Jay-Z releases his solo album, and then the two do a tour and come back with another joint album to close the year out.

However, Young Guru feels the G.O.O.D. Music album is important because the label needs establishing.

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