Yung Miami Claims That She and Diddy Never Dated [VIDEO]

Yung Miami Denies Ever Dating Diddy

This year, Diddy and Yung Miami were rumored to be a couple. This is after the two were seen together at a party together. In October, the rumors intensified, after Miami posted a beach photo with Diddy.

Now, the City Girls rapper is being asked about the relationship with Diddy, again. In a new interview with WGCI in Chicago, Miami was asked if she ever dated Diddy, or is dating him now.

“I’m just gonna ask you, you can deny, don’t answer whatever,” asked Kendra G. Did you, or are you dating Diddy?”

For Miami, she just let out a simple “No.” From that point, she didn’t clarify any further, as she appears to want to move on from the Diddy topics.

In Miami’s short “Rap Freaks” single though, she did make it known that Diddy could get it. At the moment, it just seems that she’s cordial with the Bad Boy mogul, but that could obviously change.

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