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Chloe Cartel – “Bandz”


Chloe Cartel – “Bandz”

Chloe Cartel releases debut single Bandz

Over the past decade, females have taken over the rap game. At least three of the top five rappers in the game, in terms of popularity, are women. In Ohio, Chloe Cartel is beginning to make her presence felt, launching her first single with a new business venture. Recently, Eleven launched his record label, Ikonic, and Chloe has taken over as VP of the label.

Chloe Cartel is one of the most-promising rising rappers in the game, period. She has a strong work ethic and this is what she is banking on that will have her outlasting the competition. What Chloe has that stands out among the rest is a smooth voice, built perfectly for the booming beats Eleven has paired her with.

This week, Chloe Cartel released “Bandz,” which is her debut single. She came out of the gate swinging, letting the world know she’s for real. Her single, “Bandz,” brings in a kind of energy that a lot of up-and-coming artists aren’t bringing to the game. On top of everything else, Chloe Cartel is calling out the broke fellas in the club, telling them to run them bandz up.

Chloe Cartel releases debut single Bandz

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