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Danny Singh delivers feel good music with his new single, “Diva!”


Danny Singh delivers feel good music with his new single, “Diva!”

Danny Singh releases new single Diva

Danny Singh, New York’s newest trailblazing talent returns with his recent release, Diva! In fact, the hot new hit comes on the heels of his three-part visual experience “SENSORAMA.” As a result, the prior initiative with the New York-based singer-songwriter and The Cana Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to conserving wild horses and raising awareness about America’s “Wild Ones” and environmental degradation.

In light of the United Nations report released, it is critical that people take climate change seriously. Danny requested live wild horse gathering footage from the summer of 2022 – supplied by Wild Horse Education – to assist promote the message of “SENSORAMA” and Rewilding. Danny Singh and The Cana Foundation hope to increase awareness about re-wilding and inspire young people to participate in environmental conservation for future generations.

Now, maintaining momentum, Danny brings some new heat to get ready for Summer. As the weather warms up, Danny drops a new record that’ll have the ladies dripping in their ‘diva’ demeanor. Singh’s genre-defying music from Queens, New York, is as much inspired by the streets he calls home. As it is by the adventurous spirit to look and move beyond the city that raised him. Singh’s musical explorations include hip-hop, experimental pop, sensual R&B, cathartic instrumental breakdowns, and intense alternative detours.

With the release of his latest offering, it solely serves as a sneak peek of what’s to come throughout the year. It would be an understatement to suggest that his new single “Diva” does not resonate with the masses. Learn about this groundbreaking breakout artist. Furthermore, Danny Singh has used his musical prowess to create relevant records and to make a difference since breaking into the spotlight.

Danny Singh releases new single Diva

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