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Duality. takes listeners on a euphoric journey with new song, “Ketamine”

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Duality. takes listeners on a euphoric journey with new song, “Ketamine”

Good news for all music lovers who love blended melodious music! Introducing duality., a new hip-hop group with their own unique style of music who hope to win the hearts of all music lovers with their first single. Their style is a genre-blending mix of Hip-Hop, Soul, and R&B that is extremely melodious. Duality just released their new song titled “Ketamine,” their debut single since the official launch of their group.

“We listen to all types of music which I think is what gives our music a unique sound and
approach but most of our favorite music comes from the early and mid 2000’s Neo Soul genre,” duality. said in an exclusive interview.

Some albums that were extremely impactful are, not that these are all Neo-Soul, Lucy Pearl self
titled album, D’Angelo’s Voodoo, Aquemini by Outkast, Kendrick Lamar’s Section 8.0, and most
recently everything Hiatus Kaiyote has released.

The group consists of Daigeau and Louis Murray (also known as LOU.M), who share the common passion of music. The production style of the group is groovy who love to emphasize on details. Additional layers of vocals, harmonies, and instruments are well blended, creating a soothing vibe. The music is thought-provoking and all done with purpose.

The Song – Ketamine:

“Ketamine” was conceived from a beat produced by Ashton McCreight. They loved the chords they heard for the first time and were inspired to create something quite similar. They tossed a few melodies and tried several tones before they came up with Ketamine.

To listen to the song, please visit: Spotify

About The Group:

LOU.M. and Daigeau formed their group “Duality” after several collaborations and lots of hard work. The artists reveal that they have a natural chemistry and a common love for music, which they discovered soon after they met. They shared a seamless bond and a common passion for creating music, which they hoped to share with the world.

“Our group formation was inspired by the natural chemistry we’ve had from the first time we linked in the studio,” they revealed. “The bond we’ve fostered subsequently has been seamless and we have the same drive plus the passion for making music and sharing it with the world. Our styles mesh accordingly.”

Lou.M. and Daigeau are eager about their latest music and want audiences to grow with them.

“We want our fans to grow along with us and be excited to hear more from Duality as well as
music from LOU and Daigeau. as individual artists too,” they said.

The group is also hosting a live taping of their recorded performance in DTLA in December. They urge the fans to stay glued, as they will be announcing their official date soon. A limited number of tickets will be available. Fans are invited to come and enjoy the live performance.

Keep up with the group on Instagram and check out “Ketamine” on Spotify.

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