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HHV Exclusive: Joey B talks “Closure,” future collaborations, and more

On the Rise

HHV Exclusive: Joey B talks “Closure,” future collaborations, and more

joey-b By Carlos Cureno
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Every city is experiencing an emergence of everything. The internet has been the great equalizer. In Massachusetts, Joey B is leading the pack and ushering in a new era that is primarily defined by some of hip hop’s more unfortunate moments.


But, Joey B represents none of that, as he is bringing in his own movement to the masses. His music has found quite the niche with listeners, here on Hip Hop Vibe. Coming up, Joey B has a new project called Closure.

Joey B recently spoke to Hip Hop Vibe in the latest On The Rise interview. During the interview, Joey B discussed his high-profile collaborations and how he got connected. This is a great opportunity to get to know one of the game’s future stars.

Read the tweets about Joey B below:

You have been collaborating with several major artists such as Joe Budden, Slaine and many more. Who was one of your favorite collaborations and why? I really enjoyed working with both of these guys, as well as a couple other surprises I have up my sleeve that have yet to be named. Each scenario has been unique and really humbling so it is kind of hard to pick a “favorite” per say, but working with Joe Budden was next level for me. I’m a huge fan and have been for many years, to get so much respect from one of your top five personal favorite MC’s is just mind boggling to me and speaks volumes about what is actually obtainable in life.

Recently, you have officially released a single with Slaine titled “Rock Bottom To Back” what is the meaning behind this title? Also how did this feature come about? “Rock Bottom To Back” is a track that touches on being stuck in the throes of addiction but battling your way back to endure a good life. We have a raging opiate epidemic here in New England. I know it’s really bad in other regions too, but we are literally losing loved ones every single day, it’s two steps past sad. Slaine and I have a similar history in the fact that we have both battled the addiction demons. It’s funny that you ask how the feature came about, originally this track was headed in a completely different direction. It was supposed to be myself and Sean Price. I sent the beat to Slaine and told him that Sean was gonna lace this joint, but that I could literally hear his voice over those drums as well and was curious if he would join us. Unfortunately, within a couple weeks of this conversation Sean passed away far too young and we pretty much started off back at square one with everything and now you have “Rock Bottom To Back”

Your album, Closure, is currently being worked on, so can you tell us when it’s scheduled to release and if there are any features on this new body of work? Closure is scheduled to release mid to late February, I want to have it ready just in time for SXSW 2017. As far as features are concerned, I have Budden, Slaine, Trev Rich, Kxng Crooked (surprise) and one more who I need to keep in the shadows at the moment. I also have production from C-Lance, Darknight, Blessed By The Beats and many more household names. The album should have between 16-19 tracks.

We have seen that you and newly signed Cash Money recording artist Trev Rich have become friends over the last couple of months. How did you and Trev Rich meet each other? That’s my bro, I got nothing but love for Trev and the whole Squizzy Gang (Doobie Newton, A.P., Ray Reed, Squizzy Taylor). I’ve actually known Trev going on about three years now, soon as I heard his “Dreams Interlude” on Joe Budden’s Quarter on The Loose mixtape I was blown away.

I reached out via Twitter or Facebook to let him know I thought his music was dope, he was a cool, humble, down to earth dude and we just clicked. He’s out of Denver, I’m north of Boston, so back in like 2015 we got some shows booked together out here on the east coast, had an absolute blast, we linked up on a couple tracks, linked back up in ATL at A3C 2015 had a blast down there and since then we just been mad cool.

If anybody out there deserves the success they are seeing it’s 100% Trev. I have seen first hand how hard he works for his, I don’t think he has any idea how motivating his run has been and continues to be each and every day. Salute Bro!

It was great speaking with you, can you please let everyone know where we can find you on social media? Absolutely great! You can find me everywhere Twitter/IG/Facebook: @JoeyBHipHop

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