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HHV On The Rise: Xander Austin

On the Rise

HHV On The Rise: Xander Austin

By Staff Writer

Unlike the previous hip hop eras, the 2010s have put an end to regional rap. Numerous rappers have emerged from non-traditional hip hop cities, due to the emergence of the internet. There is nothing stopping artists from getting their music heard.

This, plus the increased availability of publicists have led to rappers reaching levels of fame at unprecedented rates. No longer does a city have to catch a label’s attention. For many, including Xander Austin, this has been a benefit.

Xander Austin is from Omaha, Nebraska, a city that is definitely on the rise in hip hop. The young rapper is building a huge following and his music is steadily rising in streaming numbers. Taking time out of his busy schedule, Xander Austin did an On The Rise interview, speaking on his new music.

Read the entire interview below:

So, can you tell us the inspiration behind Xan’s VendettaThe inspiration for this project came through personal experiences while going through a breakup. Also, the movie, V is for Vendetta, is where I got a lot of motivation for the project as a whole.

Where are you from and what was life like for you growing up? I am from Omaha Nebraska. Growing up, I played quarterback my entire life. A shoulder injury is what got me into music, at 17 years old. In my early years, I was big into acting and did a lot of commercials ads and even a movie. I do acting and music.

I dealt with depression for a long time and still fight it today, but music has taken that weight of my shoulders. My best friend, Zay Gaines, who is one of the most respected artist in the city, has taught me everything I know about music, and I have to thank him for where I am today. Our friendship has taught me a lot about life and music.

My dad lives in Vegas as well, so I have been back and forth for years I feel like living in Vegas and Omaha are so different it has provided me with unique life experience that not many people have, I am blessed.

What type of impact do you want to have on the game and what type of impact do you believe you will have? I want to bring back the music that you can feel and relate to and I want to change the game through relatable music to all markets. I want to travel the country and share my music with the world eventually. I went to school for editing and directing video for two years and I will take that knowledge as well as acting to create cinematic music videos that tell a story.

As an independent artist, how do you go about getting your music out there? I posted on SoundCloud for a few years and now I am reaching out to all platforms and there is no going back.

Are you content pushing your music, alone, or are you hoping to somehow get involved with a major label? My dream is to sign to sign with Atlantic Records, but I am open to anything right now. Hard work and manifestation will land me right where i need to be, I believe timing is everything.

What has been your craziest life experience, thus far? My craziest life experience had to be Halloween 2016 in LA.

Where can fans find you on social media? Instagram : xanderaustin_ ; Twitter: xander_austin ; SoundCloud: Xander Austin.

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