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Jimmie Bishop and Zach The Hero drop off latest album, “heart in the clouds”

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Jimmie Bishop and Zach The Hero drop off latest album, “heart in the clouds”

Jimmie Bishop and Zach The Hero release heart in the clouds

Dynamic duo Jimmie Bishop and ZachTheHero release their third project titled ‘heart in the clouds,’ and it’s everything fans could have anticipated.

Following the huge success of their preceding debut The Ark and the follow-up, 2022’s So Far So Good, the two meteorically rising West Coast artists will now unleash the trifecta in their illustrious discography. 

“It started as a mood for me. Looking back over Zach and I’s music, I realized we had music for the gym, music to study to, music to drive to, but didn’t really have music for chilling with some girls” Jimmie mentions. 

Jimmie further reiterates the R&B-hinged project is a culmination of sessions he had with musician Soma who influenced his sound. 

“I convinced Zach to take a break from what we were currently working on to focus on this as I felt the energy and urgency around it. One song turned into 2, 2 turned into 3, 3 turned into 5 and I thought it could turn into a full project which both of them weren’t big on but I really believed in it and saw what it could become. The songs were just flowing and being completed so fast, next thing you know, we had a full album in 2 months!”

Zach, the producer-half of the recording-performing artist seconds Jimmie revealing the project is expansive to their sound and sees them delve more into themes of love, relationships, women, and how they deal with the same as black men. Genres such as Afrobeats are also present on the record.

“Yeah Jimmie definitely had the vision on this project,” he said. “I wasn’t convinced or really inspired to do the album until we were halfway done with the music, and like he said, we were knocking each track out like crazy fast. It really came together and I’m happy with the finished product. I can’t wait for y’all to hear it.”

With introspective takes on trust, confidence, lust, courtship, heartbreak, the project ties the duality of love into one. Whether it’s the sunny and warm feelings of being in love, to the dark and turbulent times when disagreements, fear, jealousy, the project hones in on the artists’ vulnerabilities and rife reflections on these topics. A candid snapshot on the rollercoaster of love, Jimmie, Zach and co-creator Sound of Soma bare it all. 

Jimmie Bishop and Zach The Hero release heart in the clouds

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