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John Jigg$ is the future! Rapper isn’t making his case as the King of New York, he is trying to own the game


John Jigg$ is the future! Rapper isn’t making his case as the King of New York, he is trying to own the game

By Jay Rich Staff Writer

In 2003, New York hip hop was forever changed, when 50 Cent emerged from the streets to massively take over the game. Sixteen years have followed, as rappers have tried to replicate this formula. It is always a mantle, especially in NYC.

However, the “next” anybody will not be some manufactured being, it will be somebody already grinding. People tend to forget that “overnight” sensation was actually years in the making. Treating mixtapes like albums, he dropped new music every year.

John Jigg$ is one of many NYC area rappers trying to do his thing. It is a different era and he’s lived a different life, so he’s not using beef, nor does he have any celebrity rivals he is gunning for. But, he has consistency, and he is slowly managing to stick out among a crowded field.

Not even just in music, but business and politics are often also filled with many who want the top spot. The one that separates from the pack becomes the Warren Buffet or Barack Obama in the pack. Not so fast, John Jigg$ has a long way to go, but he is playing the strategic, yet patient, game those gentlemen did, and they both helped define the world in their image.

Doing his part, John Jigg$ is making his rounds on Instagram, paramount to any rapper’s success, in this current climate. Traditionally, getting the support of the radio, he has done that, making inroads at NYC’s powerful stations, where they know him. Over at Shade 45, John Jigg$ even got the coveted freestyle with Sway for the ever-popular morning show, “Sway In The Morning.”

It is the continuous grind that causes many rappers to quit, trading in their viral numbers for a not-needed podcast, or trying to flip it into a blog for success. Yes, it takes a special kind of person to choose a goal, strive for it, get close, get even closer, endure the devastating setbacks, get back up, and still go for it. That type of whirlwind normally sends a weaker person into a different field, without them even realizing it.

Instead, John Jigg$ has just carefully navigated himself, and used each challenge as the opportunity it is. When no new music is being recorded, relationships are being formed. These formed relationships allow for new outlets of promotion for the music, which leads to record sales, because he is about his business, getting paid regardless of a label signing him.

That level of freedom is something becoming discussed more each day and John Jigg$ has it. Continuing to be persistently determined can change the future. If all of this remains to be true, John Jigg$ is the future.

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