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Lew Static talks Delaware music scene, new project, and more | HHV On The Rise

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Lew Static talks Delaware music scene, new project, and more | HHV On The Rise

By Yuriy Andriyashchuk Staff Writer

Delaware isn’t a place people usually think of. Usually, when the state is mentioned, it’s in passing, as it is the home state of Joe Biden, the former Vice President. However, Delaware does have a lot to offer on the music scene.

The state is home to a lot of hip hop talent and other creatives that are putting in work. But, it is Lew Static taking it upon himself to become the man who puts Delaware on the map. Ironically, Lew Static is doing so by releasing I Am Not A Delaware Rapper as his newest project.

Lew Static took the time out to speak to about his upcoming work, in the latest On The Rise interview. The rising rapper spoke on how he plans to put Delaware on the map. He also discussed his upcoming project.

Read the entire interview below:

What makes you stand out from the other Delaware artists that will make you that breakout star? I would say my longevity and honest passion. Music isn’t really what this should be based on because that’s solely opinion. However, I feel like a lot of artists from this area aren’t really interested in the business. I see people with singles that are buzzing heavy here but they never did their paperwork right so they aren’t getting paid. I am no genius, I just been around longer so I took so many L’s doing the same thing, I learned. So now when my music gets spins, I eat. I also learned how to push my records the right way, to sum it up I learned to invest in my craft as a career not a hobby….oh and nobody can go bar for bar with me 🤷🏽‍♂️

Do you believe that once you blow, several artists from Delaware cities and communities will begin to blow up? If that doesn’t happen then I wasted time getting on. I feel like in Hip-Hop when new places are discovered, that doesn’t have a prominent national scene, people flock to it for talent. People want to feel like they are the curators of new trends in music, it’s my job to make that impact for the first state.

Can you talk about what it was like to have your mother being such a strong supporter of your work? It’s funny, because my Mom never fully supported the music. It wasn’t the music she didn’t support, it was more so the chasing of the dream. My mother was one of the greatest writers I’ve ever seen. She was in a 70’s funk band, and created projects of her own for years under various labels. I spent many of days after school in studios doing homework and soaking up game. In the end she got to a point to where it was all about family, and I feel like she just didn’t want me chasing something that was quite the hassle. Her inspiration was huge however, and it was way too late, my destiny was already set to be a part of this industry.

You speak a lot of the impact that you want to have, which goes back to the music, when will you be putting out your next project? My next project I Am Not A Delaware Rapper is available now for pre-order and officially available February 15th. I actually recorded this project well over a year ago, but it was really important for me to have a strategy with this one. As an artist, you have to really take the time to educate yourself on the business side of music, and I feel this project will allow me to see the results of what I have learned.

Also, you’ve said you would like to sign with a major, why would you choose to go that route, when most artists are trying to remain indie? I absolutely love everything indie, however coming from a place with less than a million people, it is super hard to keep viable income flowing to further my craft. I feel with the right presence developed on my own independently, I can certainly set myself up to dictate the important parts of a deal with a major. With a major you just get a larger machine and with my addiction to creating I would love to provide myself and others to do just that alongside financial stability.

What is it about your style that stands out from the rest? I grew up in the 90’s and was super into music very young. With that the influences of Wu-Tang, Lost Boyz, DMX, Jigga, B.I.G., Big L, Nas, Snoop, etc, still resonate with me. When I spit I’m still into bars, punchlines, stories, all the things that made up that amazing era of hip hop. I’m an active father so I’m able to make music from a standpoint of teaching, like hip hop was meant for. However, I’m still in my 20’s, so my ear is still to this current era of music. I feel like my blend of the core fundamentals of hip hop, mixed with my youthful energy makes for timeless music.

Where can fans connect with you on social media? I am reachable literally everywhere. My website is my main component and also holds all things Lew Static, check it out Aside from that just typing “Lew Static” on any social media platform should get you where you need to go, I’m super visible.

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