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On the Rise: Drastic

On the Rise

On the Rise: Drastic

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Six years ago, the Texas hip hop scene blew up with the introductions of Chamillionaire, Mike Jones, Slim Thug, and Paul Wall. For years, Scarface and The Geto Boys were the lone artists representing Texas. Years later, UGK and Lil’ Flip would prove to be successful. But, in 2005, the Texas hip hop scene had taken over the hip hop game on both the radio and television.

During this period of time, MTV produced a documentary about the Texas hip hop scene and every mainstream artist from the Lone Star State was met with commercial success. In the time since then, however, the Texas hip hop scene has been on the decline. Chamillionaire and Slim Thug can now be found releasing their music to websites, as opposed to MTV and other outlets.

The Texas hip hop scene is far from dead, however, as Drastic of Kileen, Texas is helping to keep the scene relevant, while pushing it forward. Late last year, Drastic signed with First Amendment Entertainment and is preparing for his first release with the company. Drastic recently discussed the outline for his career and his background with Hip Hop Vibe.

Read the entire interview below:

Tell us a little bit about yourself, Drastic, and your plans to take over the game? I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas on February 5 ,1985. I have been on many radio stations in various cities, working with different DJs such as DJ Slowmotion, DJ Ingrid, DJ Hammburger, DJ Q, DJ K-Star, DJ K-Dog, DJ Bootleg, Odessa Midland, DJ Lucyboylopez, and DJ Latin G. I have worked with Chalie Boy, Lil’ Flip, and several other major artists. Most recently, I released my Star Amongst Starz album and we have a nationwide tour in the works in promotion of the album, which is to begin in California in March.

I have taken time to learn the business side of the game so I can be a businessman while being a star.

How did you end up with First Amendment Entertainment? I met my CEO, Yahya Nurrideen, at an H.E.B. when I was promoting my first mixtape, Stop Sleeping On Me. He did his research on me and eventually hit me up and it is like we have been brothers from birth ever since.

As you plan to release new projects in 2012, will your label-mates be featured? I am a very humble artist, I will expose a lot of my up-and-coming label-mates on my upcoming mixtape, Stop Sleeping On Me 2, hosted by DJ Grip. Currently, Stop Sleeping On Me 2 is set for a release date in April.

Do you find it difficult to juggle family life, life as a rapper, and your executive life? I am an artist, father, and husband at the same time. I have a wonderful supporter in the form of my wife, Maribel Velasquez. As long as I continue keeping family first, the rest will fall into place.

In what ways do you handle your stress, does it all come out through your music? I vent through my music, I lost my father when I was twelve, due to cancer. Being raised and attending school in San Antonio, Texas, I won a scholarship writing poetry about my struggles. In the ninth grade, I met my lifelong friend, Jayofay, at John Jay High School. It was then when I put this poetry on music for the first time and I was instantly addicted. Music is not only a gateway for me to express my views past situations, music is also a way I can speak to the youngsters and hopefully they can take something from my past issues with the law and drug selling.

How did you end up working with Lil’ Flip? I hit up Flip on Twitter and I told him I had a banger for him. It took him a couple of weeks to respond, but when he did, the chemistry was unexplainable. Lil’ Flip will always be a legend to me and it was an honor to work with him and Chalie Boy.

Will you be making more music with him in the future? I will continue to make music and improve every quarter, through God’s will and with the help of my fantastic production team, Allstar, Beeziehead, Floss, Drazen, and Doughboy.

Can fans expect to hear you on more high-profile songs in 2012? Music is my soul’s destiny. You cannot stop what is destined to be. I have some upcoming high-profile songs coming soon. Shout out to Dorrough, Z-Ro, Kirko Bangz, Yo Gotti, and Young Buck.

In 2012, will your music videos appear on TV? We filmed the “Get it Girl” video with Dank and Lil’ Flip and I believe it will make it to BET, VH1, and MTV. Meanwhile, the “Trappin In My Blood” video has been sent to BET, MTV, and VH1 and should air on the networks.

How do you intend to stay ahead of the competition? It is all about the grind, hard work, and dedication. Those are the necessary steps to not only stay ahead of the competition, but to also grow with them. The music industry changes constantly and it is up to you to prepare yourself and be ready for the change, but also stay loyal to your fans.

Older and wiser, do you find yourself handling adversity than you previously did? I have never looked at adversity as a problem, there were times when I felt like I needed to put the pen and pad down, but realized that I don’t just do this for me now, I do it for the people who believe in me. As long as there is one person supporting a Drastic track, I am already FAMOUS. Shout out to my CEO/manager Yahya for mentoring me into a humble and understanding individual, God is good, thank you Hip Hop Vibe!

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