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On the Rise: Gudda Gudda

On the Rise

On the Rise: Gudda Gudda

Gudda GuddaWhen Lil Wayne began adding members to his Young Money label he wanted his crew to be unlike any other. In the 1990s, Jay-Z was successful because he had an order in which artists released their music. The rotation was set and each year, the rotation ended with a new album from Jay-Z. Jay-Z’s formula was very successful, but it was predictable.

Since Jay-Z stepped away, Lil Wayne has risen to take his spot, in some ways. The rap game which used to be ruled by Jay-Z singles now had Lil Wayne running the show. Wayne has based a lot of his attributes on the actions of Jay-Z. But, one thing he is not is predictable. The thing is, no one knows what Wayne will do next and this is why the people love him.

Being on the Young Money team guarantees the rapper their name will get out there. But, there are no free passes on the team as everybody works for their spot. Drake already had the mixtape buzz going for him and Lil Wayne used this popularity to launch his upcoming album. Even before Drake got himself established good, Nicki Minaj began her push and now her album is coming next. The only free pass the other Young Money rappers got was on the collaboration album.

Realizing his destiny is in his own hands, Gudda Gudda has decided to make some noise. From the start, he proved he was a good rapper. Watching Drake and Nicki Minaj put out mixtapes which were as good as albums has inspired Gudda Gudda. In an effort to let the crowd know who he is, Gudda Gudda has now released a new mixtape. Titled Back 2 Guddaville, the mixtape will feature Lil Wayne, Mack Maine, along with Waka Flocka Flame, and many other artists.

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