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On the Rise: Justin Barnhill

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

At the age of 19, Justin Barnhill is building an empire based on modeling and hip hop. Barnhill, a native of Maple Hill, NC, is treading down unmarked territority. Never before has a kid from the heart of the country, White at that, moved in on the hip hop game the way Justin Barnhill has.

His takeover began in 2009, right after Barnhill graduated from high school. As a high schooler, he had started his own modeling career and he was soon discovered by an agency. From that point on, things have been going smoothly for the native of North Carolina.

In his brief career, Barnhill has already crossed paths with superstars such as Nick Cannon, Juelz Santana, and Trey Songz. Unlike most people, in this position, Justin is not starstruck, he is about building his business, To the Max. The company consists of photography and a social network.

Recently, Hip Hop Vibe landed an exclusive phone interview with Justin Barnhill.


HHV: Hey, what’s up man, you there?
JB: Yeah, I’m here, thanks for having me.
HHV: Anytime, the pleasure is all ours over here.
JB: Ha ha, okay, hit me with that first question.
HHV: How did you get into modeling?
JB: A model scout found me online when I was in high school.
HHV: How did you go from simply being a model to being a young mogul.
JB: By keeping everything 100% with my people and having a reliable team around me, which makes up To the Max.
HHV: Speaking of To the Max, could you explain to the readers exactly what To the Max is?
JB: To the Max is my entertainment company where I manage artists and make sure they have the career they always dreamed of.
HHV: Can you name some of the artists To the Max is managing now?
JB: Currently, we are managing Nijay Sincere, who is giving the ladies what they want in Harlem, NY. But, other than that, we have some other artists that will not be released until they join the To the Max website.

HHV: What do you have planned for yourself in the near future Mr. Barnhill?
JB: Ha ha, good question. I’m actually working on some modeling contracts in Canada, New York, London, and Japan. People, check out the magazines because you will probably see me in them.

HHV: Where do you see yourself ten years from now?
JB: On the To the Max island straight chillin’ to calm my nerves.
HHV: Do you plan to venture out and do television and filmworks?
JB: You already know what the business is hahahahaha. I am actually writing a few TV shows for models and I am writing some movie scripts.

HHV: So, what’s next for To the Max?
JB: We got some concerts coming up with TBT Productions, check out the website for more information and we also plan on doing some Dirty South skateboarding videos.

HHV: Justin, it is clear to see you’re on the fast track to success and we look forward to seeing big things from the To the Max camp.

JB: You already know, what I’m building over here is something epic, I built the raceway over here. Shout out to Hip Hop Vibe! and I’m out!

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