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Rising Nigerian-American Artist Lancky Cresco Shares “All That”

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Rising Nigerian-American Artist Lancky Cresco Shares “All That”

“Music is the language of the universe, and my inspiration comes from within, just looking at the beautiful world around us, so much we can’t explain but the beauty is breathtaking.”

Hailing all the way from the biggest city in Africa’s population, Lagos and currently based in Dallas, TX Lancky Cresco, was destined to become a musical artist. Ever since he was a child, Lancky started drumming which eventually opened up the opportunity to start performing. “I was moving around in school grounds performing made up songs, free-styling, officially put a song out after high school.”

His family dynamic was surrounded by strictly church and school, but his passion for music never faded. At any opportunity Lancky would be hitting empty cans and tables to create beats and songs.

Influenced by his African roots, Lancky’s sound is a cluster of versatility, from Hip-Hop to Afrobeats, this international artist can serve up any sound. His skill at drumming also influenced him into becoming a producer.

His debut project Barbo arrived in 2018 which was a great introduction into the world of Lancky.  After a handful of successful drops, he returns with a new single “All This.” The inspiration behind the song is appreciating everything around you at all times. “Looking at the world around us we have all these beauty, we need to take time to appreciate it.”

His dynamic flow and eccentric sound is present in his newest single. The presentation of afro-rap fusion blends seamlessly to create Lancky’s unique sound.

The single release comes at great timing as Lancky is gearing up to release his fourth project OSA Vol 2. The project is a follow up for his second EP O.S.A. As Lancky moves into a new era in his life, he is dedicated to bringing his fans along with him. The EP is a project about love, and taking time to appreciate the world and people around us, ingest the beauty, most are usually blind to see.

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