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SupremeDae, 21 Year Old Rapper On The Rise, Shares Intimate Video for “Hope”(Live)

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SupremeDae, 21 Year Old Rapper On The Rise, Shares Intimate Video for “Hope”(Live)

SupremeDae is only twenty one years old, but has already brought new energy to the music world. Inspired by what was on the rapper’s mind – money and motivation – SupremeDae took his latest single, “Hope,” and gave it a new twist, resulting in “Hope”(Live). As the title of the track says, hope is exactly what SupremeDae is giving by telling his story to the world.

When asked what inspired the video, SupremeDae expressed his vision for the music saying:

“I wanted to do something different with the song, I always wanted to do like an acoustic version to one of my songs. So I hit up the producer and we figured out a way to change the dynamic and vibe of the song and this what we came up with. With the song now being piano driven I know that I wanted to do the video with somebody  playing the piano, and just give it a different feel from what I usually do. We shot the video in Baltimore, Maryland and the experience was great. Came out better than I expected, honestly.”

Watch the video here

One of the hottest rising rappers, SupremeDae built a name and a loyal following with his raw, diaristic lyricism and candid melodies. SupremeDae was raised by his aunt and grandmother alongside his two sisters and one brother. As an immigrant, his mother worked tirelessly between her job and school which kept her absent from the home. SupremeDae learned early on that nothing in life comes easy but struggled to find acceptance. Music would become his outlet, inherited from watching his uncle’s take on the craft. It inspired him to write his own lyrics at the age of 7. SupremeDae’s ear transcended and he would soon become fans of Drake, Lil Wayne and Kanye West. Those artists combined with his eclectic choice of listening would create a unique style and spawn the release of his first mixtape at 13 years old.

With a knack for emotional honesty, SupremeDae has caught the hearts and ears of over 40k monthly listeners on Spotify. At only 21 years, this star on the rise was able to get a nod from top A&Rs at Atlantic Records. Maybe now he can finally overcome his fear of his parents not being proud of his choice to pursue music. His latest track “Norfolk Vibe” has attained over 100k streams on Spotify and 60k views on YouTube.

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