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Jessica and Jayla Hill, Chicago sisters, attacked a store security guard, stabbing him 27 times, in his neck, back, and arms, with one sister holding his hair, so he couldn’t move, all because he asked them to wear a mask and use hand sanitizer

Jessica and Jayla Hill were at a store, called Snipes, in Chicago, when they got into an altercation. A security guard stopped them, asking them to put on a mask and hand sanitizer, which led to the sisters allegedly stabbing him 27 times. The Hill sisters' attorney maintains that the sisters acted in self-defense, citing them recording the altercation as proof of them not trying to start problems.

By Bossyy Staff Writer Definitely, the Coronavirus pandemic is something people, of this era, have never seen before. Despite health experts saying that wearing a mask slows the spread, some refuse to do it. Videos have shown some even getting violent, in their refusal to wear masks. However, most businesses have all united to […]