Fiora Espinoza, School Nurse at Liberty High School, in Hillsboro, Oregon, rants on Beaverton School System’s Facebook page, saying black kids have not suffered oppression, her kids should not feel like they have to apologize, due to their skin color, and Black Lives Matter funds the Democratic Party [PHOTOS]

Flora Espinoza is the school nurse for Liberty High School, in Hillsboro, Oregon. But, she put the whole Beaverton School System on blast, due to their stances on racial tensions. She took offense with the school system's stance on race, saying it caters to people of color (black) and that racism exists towards all races. While saying she would homeschool her children, she said black kids are not oppressed, Black Lives Matter funds the Democratic Party, and that her children should not have to feel bad, due to their skin color.

By Bossyy Staff Writer Times are critical, right now, as real discussions of race are taking place. Many establishments are reevaluating how people of color have been treated, compared to the other races. However, not everyone is ready to admit that there is a problem. Actually, some deny there being a “problem,” instead saying […]