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Lillian Wright blasts her former employer, Apricot Lane, on Facebook, accusing them of firing her during quarantine, for no reason, talking down on her behind her back, and stalking her on Instagram, using posts against her; Former district manager told her she was set up to fail, from the start, despite owner’s father telling her she was the future of the company [PHOTOS]

Lillian Wright took to Facebook, yesterday, to tell people if she sent them an invite to like Apricot Lane Charleston to unlike the page. In her status, Lillian Wright went onto say that she was fired, for no reason, from the company, talked about, and stalked on her Instagram. Her former district manager, also black, found her on Instagram, sharing via DMs that she was set up, from the beginning, despite being an assistant manager for the store, she was accused of stealing from the company, among other lies of wrongdoing.

By Bossyy Staff Writer On Facebook, Lillian Wright had a lot to get off her chest, about her former employer. She worked for a company called Apricot Lane, which is based in Charleston, South Carolina. The store also has a location in the city of Charlotte, in North Carolina. Before being unceremoniously fired from […]