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Rita Carrey, Jim Carrey’s sister, blasts the Toronto Raptors for kneeling, and says people kneeling for the anthem does not make her more sympathetic for George Floyd’s murder, and black lives, saying she cares about the military, the veterans, and calls kneeling “stepping on the souls of good men and women who aren’t here to speak up” [PHOTOS]

Rita Carrey, the sister of Jim Carrey, and the co-host/producer of "The Peet & Reet Show" spoke out against kneeling. While she says she supports Black Lives Matter, and calls George Floyd's murder an injustice, she does not agree with kneeling. Carrey called out the Toronto Raptors for kneeling, along with other people who kneel, saying that doesn't make her more sympathetic to racial injustice, and also called kneeling stepping on the souls of people who aren't here, meaning the deceased veterans.

By Bossyy Staff Writer Long before the George Floyd murder, the kneeling in protest of police brutality was a hot button issue. For whatever reason, most right-wing people could not understand why Colin Kaepernick decided to kneel. In response to this, they demanded he lose his job. When George Floyd was murdered, protests took […]