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21 Savage – “No Debate” / “Big Smoke” [VIDEO]


21 Savage – “No Debate” / “Big Smoke” [VIDEO]

21 Savage drops No Debate and Big Smoke videos in one

21 Savage kept a low profile throughout most of 2021, which followed an exciting 2020. That 2020 run proved 21 Savage could be one of the top rappers in the game. Meanwhile, 2021 opened the door to a list of new rappers who had now, forget next. Now, 21 Savage is one of the veterans in the game, no longer among the up-and-comers.

No pun intended, but 21 Savage has done “alot” in his career and he has a lot more to do. If his latest release is any indicator, 2022 is going to be a big year for him. In 2019, he dropped that single to much fanfare, and it opened the door to a huge follow-up year. But, as a young man, and a father, 21 Savage spent time out of the spotlight. After all, he is one person who can surely afford to.

21 Savage ended the year of 2021 dropping new music videos. He did drop his songs, “No Debate” and “Big Smoke” in 2021. To end the year, 21 Savage dropped the music video for the singles in one video release.

21 Savage drops No Debate and Big Smoke videos in one

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