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392 Lil Head – “Weak Stomach” [VIDEO]


392 Lil Head – “Weak Stomach” [VIDEO]

392 Lil Head drops video for Weak Stomach

In Detroit, there are a lot of artists coming up, and 392 Lil Head is among the young guys making noise in the D. Anyone who knows hip hop and rap music knows every city has rappers that are making music out there. Talk to any of those rappers and they’ll be the first to say that they are the hottest in their city, because that’s the nature of the game.

However, in Detroit, there are a solid number of rappers that actually have an audience of millions. No joke, any of these artists conceivably could be the next big thing in the game. In fact, if any of these artists were anywhere besides Detroit, they would be the hottest in their city. All of this is a testament to the talent, energy, and work ethic all of these talented people have, representing Detroit. 392 Lil Head is one of many of these rising stars, looking to stand out from the rest.

392 Lil Head has consistently kept his own music out and music from his counterparts. One constant has remained, throughout hip hop history, and it’s that most rappers have a crew. This is something even LL Cool J lamented on, in “Back Where I Belong.” Lil Head, though, has his own squad, and he also has his own personal hottest movement. Recently, he returned with the music video for his single, “Weak Stomach,” which has continued blowing up.

392 Lil Head drops video for Weak Stomach

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