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42 Dugg – “Soon” [VIDEO]
42 Dugg gets emotional on his new single Soon


42 Dugg – “Soon” [VIDEO]

42 Dugg gets emotional on his new single Soon

42 Dugg is one of the hardest rappers out right now. Definitely a voice of the streets, 42 Dugg has two industry heavyweights behind him. On one side, 42 Dugg has Lil Baby supporting him. Meanwhile, 42 Dugg has Yo Gotti on the other side providing support. As a result, 42 Dugg is signed to both of their labels. Via Yo Gotti, 42 Dugg has both the Interscope and Roc Nation machines behind him. Lil Baby, meanwhile, is providing the QC and Motown Records entities.

42 Dugg, aside from his major label ties, is a popular artist. In the streets, 42 Dugg is well known, and he has built a solid reputation. A Detroit native, 42 Dugg has survived some of the harshest conditions in the world. To make it from there and then go into the music industry, it is simple. While 42 Dugg has had a lot of underground success, he has yet to truly break through with a major record. The majors respect 42 Dugg, though. Under his belt, 42 Dugg has a huge collaboration with Lil Durk.

42 Dugg last released a project, last month. In April 2022, 42 Dugg teamed up with EST Gee for the project entitled Last Ones Left. While the project was met with strong reviews, 42 Dugg has a whole lot more left in him. This afternoon, 42 Dugg released his new single, “Soon,” featuring Arabian. The song is not yet included on any upcoming project. However, 42 Dugg clearly will have more new music that is on the way.

42 Dugg gets emotional on his new single Soon

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