Alicia Keys – KEYS: A Short Film [VIDEO]

Alicia Keys – KEYS A Short Film

Alicia Keys dominated the early-to-mid 2000s. She brought a unique taste to R&B, operating outside of the box. Not quite neo soul, Alicia Keys managed to put things out in a unique way. Her music caught on, because of this. At a time when singers were trying to sell sex appeal and dance, Alicia took the stage with her piano.

Over time, Alicia Keys flaunted her natural beauty, and the piano wasn’t key for every act. But, she reminded the world why Keys is the name she chose to go by. Last year, she released a semi self-titled album called Alicia. This year, she returned with the second half of this, Keys, which completes her stage name.

Documenting her eighth album, Alicia Keys put together a short film. This additional offering provides some extra insight into the album. With this release, she has gotten back to her roots, and has had more promo for this album than her other recent work.

In 2001, Alicia Keys took the game by storm, offering “Fallin'” at the beginning of summer. Later, she delivered “A Woman’s Worth,” before releasing additional singles. Late in 2003, she returned, offering “You Don’t Know My Name,” along with her critically-acclaimed sophomore album. With Keys, she’s returned to this form.