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Andon – “You Don’t Love Me” [VIDEO]

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Andon – “You Don’t Love Me” [VIDEO]

Andon goes viral with You Don’t Love Me video

Andon is well known in Jamaica, but is making inroads in the United States. A Jamaican pop singer, Andon has a lot of support, right now. In today’s time, music is evolving in many different ways. The traditional genres of music no longer exist. In the past, people categorized music by regions, but that’s not even applicable anymore. Andon is proof of this, as he is a Jamaican pop singer, but his nation is known for Reggae.

Andon began professionally pursuing music in 2014. It took Andon four years before he broke through. In 2018, Andon became known in Jamaica. Andon, in the years since then, has been putting in work to gain footing in North America. So far, Andon is doing well in getting himself established. Andon has been coming hard with his new music. Currently, Andon is riding a high with his newest single, “You Don’t Love Me.”

Andon released his newest single, “You Don’t Love Me.” Over the past few months, Andon has been working this record. Well, Andon is proving that hard work is paying off. Since Andon released “You Don’t Love Me,” he has reached new heights. Recently, Andon has seen the “You Don’t Love Me” music video go viral.

Andon goes viral with You Don’t Love Me video

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