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Anitta – “Boys Don’t Cry” [VIDEO]


Anitta – “Boys Don’t Cry” [VIDEO]

Anitta returns with video for Boys Don’t Cry her new anthem

In 2021, Anitta continued her growth from the previous years. When she signed with Warner Records, Anitta became one of the biggest pop stars in the world. After having her song used for the Target commercial, and collaborations with Cardi B, she finally had her breakthrough single. Last spring, Anitta returned with her single, “Girl From Rio,” and she scored a major hit.

Anitta has made great strides, over the past three years. Last year, Anitta went onto enjoy international pop music success. Making great strides as a Latina artist, Anitta has broken all kinds of barriers with her music. This is something Anitta has managed to accomplish all without having released her debut album. However, Anitta intends to soon change that.

On New Music Friday, Anitta returned, early, with new music. She has delivered her new single, “Boys Don’t Cry,” and she’s released the video for it. Already, the single has done well, reaching 3 million views on YouTube. People are already saying that Anitta has another anthem on her hands with this single. As she has rolled out this release, Anitta is preparing her debut album for release.

Anitta returns with video for Boys Don’t Cry her new anthem

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