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Baby Keem – “16” [VIDEO]


Baby Keem – “16” [VIDEO]

Baby Keem releases music video for 16 the last song on his album

Last summer, Baby Keem began commanding attention. While the world waited on Kendrick Lamar to drop new music, he introduced his cousin to the world. Baby Keem is another artist who is out here blending the genres. Every time he drops new music, he is pushing the boundaries of what people perceive to be hip hop music.

Baby Keem is Kendrick Lamar’s artist and he’s also his cousin. He is signed to pgLang and Columbia Records. The pgLang label is the new label Kendrick Lamar is the head of. Last year, Kendrick Lamar revealed his next album will be his final release with TDE. This is the label he came into the game on and the one he put on the map. Kendrick Lamar has a strong intro to this new run, as he performed at the Super Bowl.

In September, Baby Keem dropped The Melodic Blue to much fanfare. He has promoted his album the way older albums were promoted. Six months later, Baby Keem is still dropping singles from the album. Recently, he returned with the music video for “16,” which is the final song on the album’s track listing.

Baby Keem releases music video for 16 the last song on his album

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