Blac Youngsta – “Tru Colors” [VIDEO]

Blac Youngsta shows off diamond layered mansion in Tru Colors video

Blac Youngsta is one person who makes the most out of the moment. When Blac Youngsta was still making moves on the street, he met Yo Gotti. After Yo Gotti saw what Blac Youngsta was about, he wasted no time signing him to CMG. At the time, Yo Gotti was one of the biggest rappers in the game. However, Yo Gotti saw a bigger picture, where he was in the board room, while guys like Blac Youngsta dominated music.

Blac Youngsta was one of the first people to truly stunt on Instagram. After Blac Youngsta got his $250,000 advace money, he did some of everything with it. While Blac Youngsta may have looked silly for throwing his money around, he built an audience. So when Blac Youngsta dropped his music, he had built in fans. The plan worked and Blac Youngsta scored a hit in “Booty.” By the time Blac Youngsta dropped “Booty,” Blac Youngsts was literally playing with $3 million.

Blac Youngsta may not be the most popular rapper on the CMG roster. However, Blac Youngsta is more focused on being the richest rapper on the CMG roster. Last week, Blac Youngsta had a new single he was giving some burn. A few days ago, Blac Youngsta dropped “Tru Colors.” After that, Blac Youngsta dropped the music video.

Blac Youngsta shows off diamond layered mansion in Tru Colors video

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