BlueBucksClan – “Just Hit Me” [VIDEO]

BlueBucksClan duo turns Just Hit Me live performance into music video

BlueBucksClan have been doing their thing for a while. In 2021, BlueBucksClan saw it all come together, if that makes any kind of sense. Already, BlueBucksClan had experienced a little bit of viral success. But 2021 saw BlueBucksClan begin to receive props from hip hop media’s elite. As a result, BlueBucksClan’s members, DJ and Jeeezy, dropped solo material. Unlike most groups, DJ and Jeeezy mostly went solo to further promote the group.

BlueBucksClan differs from most groups, due to their unselfish nature. Definitely, DJ and Jeeezy want to be successful solo stars. After all, why else would these guys even begin to make music? What separates BlueBucksClan is how their members see the importance of establishing the group. Simply taking a look at R&B groups prove an artist can be a part of a successful group but also still are highly successful solo artists.

BlueBucksClan released an EP, See The Difference, back in March. Since then, BlueBucksClan has kept a low profile. When a group like BlueBucksClan decides to keep a low profile, that normally means they are working. It turns out, BlueBucksClan have indeed been hard at work. Yesterday, DJ and Jeeezy returned with the release of their new single, “Just Hit Me.” They took some live performance footage and turned it into the official visual.

BlueBucksClan duo turns Just Hit Me live performance into music video

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