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Boosie’s daughter Iviona Hatch performs an amazing freestyle [VIDEO]


Boosie’s daughter Iviona Hatch performs an amazing freestyle [VIDEO]

Boosie’s daughter does an amazing freestyle

It’s always amazing to see a child take after their parent, especially if they are just as talented. The eldest daughter of Boosie  performs an amazing freestyle, blowing social media away. His daughter named Iviona Hatch, is following in her father’s footsteps as a rising rap star. Going by the stage name of Poison Ivi, she recently appeared on the show Rap Marathon, giving a memorable performance.

Iviona is one out of ten of Boosie’s children, with whom he shares with six different women. At only twenty-one years old, she has made a prominent name for herself in the music world and social media. Releasing rap music since 2018, Iviona has several albums and countless singles on streaming platforms. Her YouTube page currently sits at 31k subscribers, with multiple videos surpassing 100k in views. Outside of music she recently made headlines for revealing her relationship with another woman.

Despite being the daughter of a rap legend, Iviona is showing the world just how different she is from her father. In a matter of one minute she shocked fans everywhere, showing off her talented rap skills. Although Boosie hasn’t commented on the video yet, Iviona did not disappoint.

Boosie’s daughter does an amazing freestyle

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