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Capella Grey ft. Nija – “Confujawn” [VIDEO]


Capella Grey ft. Nija – “Confujawn” [VIDEO]

Capella Grey deals with relationship issues in Confujawn video

In 2021, Capella Grey enjoyed a successful year. Capella Grey had breakout success with “Gyalis” and he hasn’t slowed down. Consistency outpaces everything and Capella Grey makes sure he doesn’t leave his fans waiting. Capella Grey is making hits and keeping his fans entertained. Last year, he overcame a lot, and he took the top spot.

Capella Grey has had the chance to stop and enjoy life. For most young men, enjoying life means finding the company of a young lady. It turns out, Capella Grey is no different, and he is making music for those ladies in life. This has led to the new single, “Confujawn.” If the title leaves people confused, that’s the intended purpose. The situation has left Capella Grey confused.

At the end of last week, Capella Grey released the “Confujawn” music video. Capella Grey turned to Nija for the hook on this one. Both ran down the issues of love, with Capella Grey and Nija offering their own perspectives. The music video begins with Capella Grey in a disagreement. In the end, Capella Grey and his lady are back in love.

Capella Grey deals with relationship issues in Confujawn video

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