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Casanova ft. DMX – “Don’t Play Games” [VIDEO]


Casanova ft. DMX – “Don’t Play Games” [VIDEO]

Casanova links with DMX after death in Don’t Play Games

Casanova was viewed as the next major NYC rapper to emerge, a few years ago. Initially, Cas was mentored by Memphis Bleek, and signed to his Warehouse label. The label is in conjunction with Roc Nation and Jay-Z soon entered the equation. Before his prison stint, Casanova and Jay became very close.

By 2017, Casanova was one of the most-promising rappers in the game. However, 6ix9ine would soon emerge, and he began trolling Cas. Taking it seriously, Casanova would begin launching disses, which only propelled Tekashi. Towards the end of 2017, Cas and 6ix9ine ended their beef, and actually would hang out.

Casanova would spend some time behind bars. This led to him losing much ground. Now, he is making up for the lost time. He returned with his single, “Don’t Play Games,” featuring the late DMX. Through guys like Cas, X lives on and doing what he did best. Meanwhile, Cas plays the hand he was dealt, continuing to hold his position down.

Casanova links with DMX after death in Don’t Play Games

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