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Chloe Cartel – “Bandz” (teaser) [VIDEO]

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Chloe Cartel – “Bandz” (teaser) [VIDEO]

Chloe Cartel is a rising artist that is planning on hitting the ground running. She is a new artist and she’s working with the producer, Eleven. The two have major plans for 2022, as the Ikonic label is preparing to have many releases from her. For her part, Chloe Cartel is the VP of the label, along with being the face of the brand.

In 2022, Chloe Cartel intends to release “Bandz,” which is her debut single. As the year gets into full swing, she will be releasing the music video for the single. Before the release of the video, Chloe Cartel gave the fans a quick teaser for the track. This is only the preview of what she has going on for all of next year.

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