Chris Brown – “WE (Warm Embrace)” (starring Normani) [VIDEO]

Chris Brown plays opposite Normani in Warm Embrace video

Chris Brown debuted seventeen years ago, during the summer of 2005. At the time, Chris Brown was only sixteen years old. A Virginia native, there was no guarantee Chris Brown was going to make it. In fact, Chris Brown pulled a major move getting Juelz Santana on “Run It,” his debut single. Few would have predicted Chris Brown to become the mega star, while Juelz Santana already hit his peak, as a rap star.

Chris Brown dominated from 2005 until 2008. Early in 2009, Chris Brown had the incident that derailed his career. As a result, Chris Brown shed his wholesome image and fully embraced the bad boy persona. In actuality, Chris Brown was simply himself. After Chris Brown took his career into his own hands, he posted some of the biggest hits of his career. With that came unprecedented staying power. As it stands, Chris Brown has had one of the longest primes in R&B history, only rivaling Usher.

Chris Brown is currently working on his new album, Breezy. On Friday, Chris Brown will release this new album, which will be his tenth solo studio album. Already, Chris Brown has had success with his single, “Warm Embrace,” aka “WE.” This afternoon, Chris Brown delivered the music video for his latest hit single. In the video, Chris Brown cast Normani as the leading lady. Together, Chris Brown and Normani set the screens on fire.

Chris Brown plays opposite Normani in Warm Embrace video

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