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Coach Peake and DTM Life – “Cold AF” [VIDEO]


Coach Peake and DTM Life – “Cold AF” [VIDEO]

Coach Peake returns with Cold AF video

In South Carolina, Coach Peake has been doing his thing for quite some time. Many artists tout themselves as independent and they talk a good game. Coach Peake had no choice but to do his own thing, getting out here and making it happen. Through the years, Peake has done his own shows, pressed up his own materials, and distributed them himself.

Coach Peake separated himself from the other rappers in his space by simply making plays. Nothing was easy about having to get it on his own. But, when Coach Peake decided to make music, he had no choice but to get it. Now, he is used to doing what others wouldn’t, and now they’re watching Coach Peake do what they can’t do. As always, the question is this. Can Coach Peake do it again?

Recently, Coach Peake decided to return with new music. Even though the weather in the Carolinas has been warm, this weekend, it’s still the winter time. Temperatures have bottomed out, once again, and it’s cold out here. Coach Peake returned with his new single, “Cold AF,” which he shares with DTM Life. The two shared their latest music video this morning.

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