Cuban Doll – “Don’t Talk” [VIDEO]

Cuban Doll returns with Don’t Talk music video

Representing Dallas, Cuban Doll rose to fame in 2017. At the time, she was still a teenager, and she continued dropping viral records. After a few of her videos did a few hundred thousand views, Cuban Doll broke through. She dropped the video for her single, “Let It Blow,” with Molly Brazy, and it ended up doing millions of views.

Cuban Doll, after rising to fame, began dating Chicago rapper, Tadoe. Quickly, the relationship turned abusive, and she shared a video of herself injured. She claimed that Tadoe was the one who did it to her, and then she and 6ix9ine began spending time together. After going on a Hawaii vacation, Cuban Doll appeared to be single again.

Through it all, Cuban Doll has continued to consistently drop records. There are tons of rappers who are going by the “Doll” last name and she was the first one to rise to fame. However, some of the other female rappers claimed she stole her name from them. Whatever the case, Cuban made it work, and now she’s back with her single, “Don’t Talk,” her first official 2022 release.

Cuban Doll returns with Don’t Talk music video

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