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Cypress Hill – “Insane In The Brain” (Official Trailer) [VIDEO]

Cypress Hill release Insane In The Brain official trailer on Showtime

In the late 1980s, the West Coast hip hop scene forced itself into the spotlight. Particularly it was the Los Angeles rap scene that forced itself onto the mainstream scene. Within the Los Angeles scene, there were rappers fighting for position. Primarily, hip hop from each region is consisted of Black rappers. The city of Los Angeles is diverse and Cypress Hill represented that then and now. Cypress Hill is a group of Hispanic rappers and they had something to say.

The Cypress Hill group put themselves on the map and they blew up in 1992. As soon as Cypress Hill claimed the spotlight, they got into a beef with Ice Cube. The Ice Cube / Cypress Hill feud was high profile, which further put the guys on the map. Cypress Hill filled a niche and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas led to renewed interest in their music. During that same span of time, Snoop Dogg featured Cypress Hill on his hit single, “Vato.”

Cypress Hill, over the past decade, has been dropping a lot of music. The Cypress Hill group makes music for everyone, but it’s something the stoners can relate to. Aside from Cypress Hill, B-Real is doing a lot, as a solo artist, a media personality, and a businessman. Recently, Cypress Hill partnered with Nas’ Mass Appeal and Sony to produce the Insane In The Brain documentary. On April 20, Insane In The Brain premieres on Showtime, and the trailer is out now.

Cypress Hill release Insane In The Brain official trailer on Showtime

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