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D Smoke – “Say Go” [VIDEO]


D Smoke – “Say Go” [VIDEO]

D Smoke returns with Say Go music video

Over the past few years, D Smoke has established himself as a star in the game. Becoming successful in the rap game means becoming a part of the culture. There is so much more to hip hop than the music at hand. When a person makes good music, the fans want to see more of them. Then, there are the other forms of entertainment that want to tap into the success.

D Smoke recently had a cameo on “Bel-Air,” as Uncle Phil (Adrian Holmes) hooked up Will (Jabari Banks) and Tray (Stevonte Melbert) with tickets. The cameo was brief, but it shows the impact D Smoke is having on the current generation. Around the time D Smoke made his “Bel-Air” cameo appearance, he released the video for his newest single.

Fans have gotten used to D Smoke releasing new music every year. D Smoke is one of those artists who has managed to find success within his niche. Despite being a niche type artist, D Smoke has become one of the biggest artists in the game. Recently, D Smoke returned with his single, “Say Go,” and he dropped the music video for it.

D Smoke returns with Say Go music video

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