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D Smoke ft. Westside Boogie – “Crossover” [VIDEO]


D Smoke ft. Westside Boogie – “Crossover” [VIDEO]

D Smoke links with Westside Boogie for Crossover video

Over the past few years, D Smoke has amassed a huge following. Simply looking at D Smoke’s “Bel-Air” cameo shows how far he’s come. D Smoke amassed a cult following and a loyal following among the young adults. Interestingly, D Smoke is the older brother of SiR, of Top Dawg Entertainment. D Smoke has really seen his own career take off, over the past three years.

After D Smoke competed on Netflix’s “Rhythm + Flow,” his career took off. However, the grind is something that cannot be overlooked. D Smoke already had thirteen years in the game by the time he did the show. Actually, D Smoke began his career in 2006, and has written for some of the biggest names in the music business.

D Smoke is now in a position where he has some clout in the game. On this new West Coast hip hop scene, D Smoke is one of the leaders. Even as D Smoke is on the older side, at 36 years old, he is one of the voices of the youth. Last year, D Smoke dropped War & Wonders, his most recent album. D Smoke included the Westside Boogie-assisted “Crossover” on the album, and the video is based in summer 2018.

D Smoke links with Westside Boogie for Crossover video

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