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Damedot – “Stand Over Him” [VIDEO]


Damedot – “Stand Over Him” [VIDEO]

Damedot, or Dame Dot, is a popular rising artist. A Detroit native, he is a member of Team Eastside. He rose to critical acclaim with his project, Mafia Lord (Chapter 1). As his momentum built, he became a force on the local rap scene. But, Damedot is aware of how big his potential is. Local fame is good, but as it’s often said that’s only local.

Inside himself, Damedot has potential to be a top artist in hip hop. With that being said, he is exploring every avenue to make it happen. That starts and ends with putting in the work. Damedot is one of the hardest-working artists there is. All of this is so Damedot can put his name up there with the greatest artists of all-time.

Making a hit is easy, despite how difficult it seems. The hard part comes when it’s time to keep making hits. Damedot has made local hits and he’s made viral hits. Now, he is working to have an undeniable mainstream hit. Definitely, Damedot is right there in the vicinity. To make sure he keeps inching closer, he drops the single, “Stand Over Him,” and the music video.

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