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DDG ft. Gunna – “Elon Musk” (Official Video) [VIDEO]


DDG ft. Gunna – “Elon Musk” (Official Video) [VIDEO]

DDG and Gunna are the first rappers to go to space in Elon Musk video

In Detroit, there are a ton of rappers on the verge of stardom. The city of Detroit is impacting the hip hop world and the average fan doesn’t even know it. DDG is one of the leaders of this scene. What’s special about what Detroit has going is that any of the rising rappers are capable of taking over the game. Normally, that’s something only said about Atlanta’s crop of rising rappers.

Gunna is the Atlanta-area rapper that is enjoying newfound stardom. Since 2019, Gunna has been one of the hottest rappers in the game. This past year, Gunna has seen his music take over the game. Not only that, Gunna also has people talking due to the time he spends with Chloe Bailey. Despite the dating rumors, Chloe Bailey says the two are only friends.

DDG has already released a version of his music video for “Elon Musk.” But DDG wanted to do something more with the music video. Representing Detroit, DDG has some ideas that he’s wanted to bring to life. Recently, DDG and Gunna got into the lab to create the proper “Elon Musk” music video. They live up to the song’s title, as both rappers end up in outer space.

DDG and Gunna are the first rappers to go to space in Elon Musk video

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