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DeMar DeRozan tries to fight Mo Wagner! | Bulls at Magic [VIDEO]


DeMar DeRozan tries to fight Mo Wagner! | Bulls at Magic [VIDEO]

DeMar DeRozan tries to fight Mo Wagner!

Last night, the Chicago Bulls took a blowout loss to the Magic, in Orlando. Their final score was 95, to the Magic’s 114. Currently, the Bulls are struggling, having lost seven out of their last ten games. All of this comes after the Bulls surprised the NBA by racing out to the East’s best record. However, the team is dealing with Lonzo Ball and Alex Caruso’s injuries, and them missing games.

DeMar DeRozan has stepped up, big time, this season and reminded the world of who he is. DeRozan is still the man who put the Raptors back on the map and led them to all of their greatest moments except for one. During his time there, DeRozan became the focal point of their rivalry that formed, against the Cleveland Cavaliers, during the end of LeBron James’ time there.

This offseason, DeMar DeRozan joined the Chicago Bulls, where the team gelled quickly. Entering this season, experts predicted the Nets, Bucks, Sixers, Heat, and Hawks to be at the top of the East. That has been mostly accurate, but DeRozan’s Bulls, and the rebuild Cavs, aren’t going anywhere. Last night, the Bulls played the Orlando Magic, one of the East’s worst teams.

The game wound up being a Magic blowout win, with DeMar DeRozan grabbed by Mo Wagner, on a fast-break attempt. This led to DeRozan trying to fight him.

DeMar DeRozan tries to fight Mo Wagner!

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