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DJ Junior presents Artists to Know: Young Thug


DJ Junior presents Artists to Know: Young Thug

Young ThugBy DJ Junior
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

This summer is going to belong to 1017 Brick Squad and there is no bias behind these words. Fact of the matter is that the crew is going hard and expansion is on the minds of everyone. Finally, the 1017 Brick Squad compilation is coming together and the fans get proper introductions to the other members of the crew.

Young Thug has been with 1017 Brick Squad for almost a year. Last summer, Young Thug went on a run and put out songs with Rocko and other major stars. This momentum built up and led to Young Thug putting out his 1017 Thug mixtape early this year.

Already, the streets of Atlanta know about Young Thug. If more people had the opportunity to see his work, personally, they would agree that he has the potential to become one of the biggest mixtape stars in the game and mainstream for that matter. The future is bright for Young Thug, one of the most-energetic Artists to Know.

Watch “Life of Young Thug” intro episode below:

Watch “My Life” by Young Thug ft. Rocko and PLaya below:

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