DJ Kay Slay ft. Shaqueen, Dirti Diana, and more – “Never Give Up” [VIDEO]

DJ Kay Slay is one of the biggest figures in the music industry. Almost every major rapper has worked with him on their rise to stardom. Kay Slay is acclaimed for his work with both independent and major artists. His work on both Hot 97 and Shade 45 have helped numerous people become stars.

Recently, DJ Kay Slay delivered his single, “Never Give Up.” A quick sidenote, for anyone out here that’s struggling, those are wise words. Everyone is here for a reason, so keep pushing as long as there is time on the clock. Remember, the best case scenario can happen.

Guys like DJ Kay Slay make sure the best happens for those who work for it. On “Never Give Up,” he is casting a spotlight on some up-and-coming and independent grinders. This single features Shaqueen, Dirti Diana, and Sonja Blade, among others.

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