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Doja Cat – “Vegas” [VIDEO]


Doja Cat – “Vegas” [VIDEO]

Doja Cat releases video for Vegas from Elvis soundtrack

Doja Cat took the game by storm, back in 2018. Back then, Doja Cat had a co-sign from Tyga. Four years later, Doja Cat is sitting as one of the biggest names in music. While Doja Cat is considered a rapper, there are some who debate that. Most view Doja Cat as a pop star, which is a huge look for rap and hip hop, within itself.

Doja Cat is clearly inspired by some of the great female hip hop artists ever. This is evident in Doja Cat’s style. The ladies in hip hop were the first to push the envelope with risqué styles of dress. As a result, Doja Cat finds herself pushing this to new heights. A rising mainstream star, Doja Cat was recruited to be a part of the Elvis soundtrack.

Doja Cat is on top of the music world, right now. Recently, Doja Cat returned with the release of her newest single. With Doja Cat’s single, “Vegas,” she created it as her contribution to the Elvis soundtrack. At the end of last week, Doja Cat dropped the official music video for the single.

Doja Cat releases video for Vegas from Elvis soundtrack

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