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Duke Deuce is all about the rock star life in Crunkstarz video

Duke Deuce is a part of the Memphis rap scene that is taking hip hop over. Not only is Duke Deuce from a popular city, he is signed to a popular label. Signed to Quality Control, Duke Deuce is label mates with the artists that have dominated the past five years. With Memphis becoming increasingly popular, Duke Deuce might be one of the artists locking down the next five years.

Duke Deuce rose to fame in 2019. Back then, Duke Deuce took over the streets with “Crunk Ain’t Dead,” produced by Juicy J. After that, Duke Deuce dropped the remix, where Juicy J added a version of his own. In addition, Project Pat joined Duke Deuce and Juicy J for the remix. Duke Deuce included “Crunk Ain’t Dead” on his Memphis Massacre 2 mixtape. Since then, Duke Deuce has dropped his debut album.

Duke Deuce released his debut album, Duke Nukem, which was a success. A year later, Duke Deuce is back with his latest single. With that, Duke Deuce is keeping crunk alive, as he returns with his latest work. Last weekend, Duke Deuce dropped the “CRUNKSTARZ” music video, which premiered to much fanfare.

Duke Deuce is all about the rock star life in Crunkstarz video

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