E-40 ft. Sada Baby – “It’s Hard Not To” [VIDEO]

E-40 recruits Sada Baby for It’s Hard Not To video

In the Bay Area, E-40 is one of two titans that oversee the hip hop scene. There’s E-40 and there’s Too $hort who put the Bay on the map. Too $hort has had the longest longevity in the history of hip hop. He’s been dropping albums since 1983, so he’s going on FORTY years in the game. Meanwhile, E-40 has been doing his thing since 1993, approaching thirty years in the game. The entire time, E-40 and Too $hort have been the best of friends, even doing joint albums together.

E-40 has had an interesting role in hip hop. While he makes fun music, E-40 isn’t anyone to play with. He has historically been the rapper to be the “tour guide” for other rappers, in the Bay. Back in the day, E-40 came through for The Notorious B.I.G., when he went to Oakland. Also, E-40 has played a pivotal role in keeping the peace, among rappers. Aside from the music industry, E-40 is all about the Bay Area culture. Normally, he can be found courtside, watching the Golden State Warriors play.

Recently, E-40 returned with his new single, “It’s Hard Not To.” Already, Big Sean spoke about his relationship with E-40 and 40’s relationship with Detroit. On this single, E-40 brought Sada Baby on the track.

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