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Fabolous – “Cheerio Freestyle” [VIDEO]


Fabolous – “Cheerio Freestyle” [VIDEO]

Fabolous delivers new video for his single Cheerio Freestyle

Fabolous is not the rapper that many predicted would still be here twenty years later. Yet, Fabolous is the rapper that is still here twenty years later. When Fabolous made his mainstream debut, he seemed more like a one hit wonder. While Fabolous had momentum, he did not do much to stand out from the other rappers who were out.

Fabolous would slowly change this, becoming known for making songs for the ladies. Before Fabolous got in the game, he was known for his gritty mixtape bars. At the height of Fabolous’ career, he went back to those mixtape type tracks. During that time, Fabolous actually signed with Def Jam, and dropped his hit, “Make Me Better,” with Ne-Yo. As a result, Fabolous notched another platinum album.

Fabolous would essentially have a run that lasted from 2001 until 2009. Some felt Fabolous could have done more when he had the spotlight. After 2009, Fabolous reverted to social media and mixtapes, where he remade himself. Returning to his mixtape roots, Fabolous is a punchline king, and he’s even dropped some albums since then. Recently, Fabolous returned with the “Cheerio Freestyle” visual.

Fabolous delivers new video for his single Cheerio Freestyle

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