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Farruko – “Embalao” [VIDEO]


Farruko – “Embalao” [VIDEO]

Farruko dedicates Embalao music video to his friend who passed away

Rising to the heights of the music industry, Farruko is living the life that most people dream of. But, even when living the dream, there still comes a time to wake up. Reality is something that no one can escape, regardless of how rich or famous they are. Currently, Farruko is on top of the world, but he’s dealing with some real issues.

Recently, Farruko dealt with the passing of one of his close friends. The blessing of dealing with loss, as an artist, is that the pain can be channeled into something productive. Farruko wasted no time putting together a tribute for his friend. After all, the grind can’t stop, especially after the year Farruko has had, with Barack Obama putting “PEPAS” on his annual playlist.

Farruko has had a dominating year and now he is working to do it again. As 2022 began, he was dealt with the devastating blow of losing his friend, Joshua. So, as he returns with the music video for his single, “Embalao,” he decided to pay tribute to his friend. At the end of the music video, Farruko shared a dedication to his friend’s memory.

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